Our Treats

Chewy Crinkles The chewiest and the fudgiest chocolate crinkles ever! Try this very affordable mouth watering pastry for only 90php per pack of 50 pieces.                  Brownie Magic brownie magic taste the              magic for real.               […]

Healthy sweets

What do you look for in a dessert? Is it something so sweet, a little bit sweeter or bitter sweet? Sometimes we consider our taste and the sugar rate of our body but still want to indulge our cravings for sweets. Since we know how to control the temptation from those desserts, there are still […]

Brownies for all seasons

  Looking for something to present to your loved ones? Try this chocolate brownies and all. Made of real dark chocolate melted bar and pure cocoa powder that surely will satisfy your crave for sweets. We are now ready to serve for different gatherings. Christenings Weddings Birthdays Anniversaries Valentines Christmas Parties and all… Comes with […]

Chocolates and more…

Lorica Treats video Brownies, cake and cupcakes, crinkles and polvoron only in Batangas

Best chewy chocolate brownies

Brownies Chocolate Brownie Magic is original from Batangas Philippines. It is made of pure cocoa powder and chocolate bar. Try this for yourself. Lorica Treats